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Many of the Safety Glasses we sell are available in multiple lens colors. These various lens tints all have a specific purpose, depending on your environment, light conditions or what you're trying to achieve with your glasses, as some lenses work much better than others.

Clear Lens
Clear is the standard lens for safety glasses, and since it provides the highest Visible Light Transmission (VLT), it is by far the most commonly used lens for indoor use.

Smoked Lens
Smoked is the most commonly used tint for sunglasses. It effectively dims your surroundings with minimal colour distortion. Smoked is also the most common base tint for mirror-coated sunglasses.

Amber Lens
Because of its ability to make your environment appear brighter, it is commonly used in low light conditions. Like orange, copper, and brown lenses, it effectively blocks much of the blue light that can cause haze or reduce sharpness, thereby enhancing contrast and depth perception. Not recommended for bright light conditions, or areas where accurate colour recognition is critical.

Blue Mirror
Most mirrored lenses are simply a reflective (varying tints) coating on a smoked lens, and are mostly for cosmetic purposes. VLT varies only slightly with different coatings, but is generally just under that of the smoked base lens.

The I/O lens is versatile, in that it can be used both indoors and out, without any concerns of colour distortion. It is especially useful when trying to reduce excessively bright or glaring light without significant dimming as a smoked lens might cause.