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EN Safety Standards

Ear Protection: Levels Of Protection Physical Agents (Noise) Directive-2003/10/EC. This Directive is now in place and became law in 2006. If requires that a persons working in noise levels between 80dBA (Lower Action Level) & 85dBA must be provided with suitable hearing protection on request. Where noise levels are at or above 85dBA (Upper Action Level) suitable hearing protection MUST BE SUPPLIED AND WORN. In addition the new "Exposure Limit Value" requires that no worker may be exposed to more than "87dBA 8 Hour Equivalent" under any circumstances, taking into account any hearing protection worn, (the 87dBA level is that INSIDE the hearing protector).

EN352-1: 2002: Hearing protectors - Ear muffs.
EN352-2: 2002: Hearing protectors - Ear plugs.
EN352-3: 2002 & EN 352-4:2001: Hearing protectors - Ear muffs attached to a safety helmet.
EN352-5: 2002: Hearing protectors Active noise reduction ear muffs.
EN352-6: 2002: Hearing protectors - Ear muffs with electrical audio input.
EN352-7: 2002: Hearing protectors level dependent ear plugs.
EN352-8: 2008: Hearing protectors entertainment audio earmuffs.

Knee Protection: EN14404 was published and came into effect in February 2005. It defines knee protection as personal safety equipment (PPE) according to guideline 98/686/EEC.

Head Protection: EN812 applies to bump caps which protect the wearer against the effects of striking head/scalp against hard or sharp stationary objects.