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Safety Footwear

The correct safety footwear whether it be for a construction worker, offshore worker or firefighter, is vital to ensure that feet are adequately protected. Not only is protection afforded against potential hazards of utmost importance, but functionality, comfort and durability too.  Your footwear will be marked with the number of the European standards and the category of protection, which will fully identify the protective features of the footwear. This marking is usually found on a label within the boot or shoe. Always read the user instructions accompanying your footwear before use.

EN ISO 20345:2011 Safety Footwear

Footwear incorporates a safety toe cap. The footwear will offer toe protection against impact up to 200J and compression up to 15,000N (1530kg). The basic category of protection is SB (protective toecap only).

Short Marking Codes

You may find your footwear carries one of the following short marking codes:

S1: SB + closed seat region + A + E + FO
S2: S1 + WRU
S3: S2 + P Cleated outsoles

Slip Resistance

The footwear will also be marked with a rating for its slip resistance properties.
SRA: Slip resistance testing on ceramic tiles with a detergent solution
SRB: Slip resistance tested with steel and glycerol solution
SRC: indicates both of the above tests have been met.

CE Marking

The CE mark indicates that footwear has been assessed and complies with the PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425. It is a legal requirement that all Personal Protective Equipment supplied to a work environment bears the CE mark.

Additional Requirements

Many additional categories of protection exist and these will carry additional marking codes.  The most common ones are as follows:

P         Perforation Resistance 
A        Antistatic
HI      Heat Insulation 
CI      Cold Insulation
E        Energy Absorption of the Heel 
FO     Fuel Oil Resistance of sole
HRO  Heat Resistant Outsole 
WRU Water Resistant Upper
WR    Water Resistance (Waterproof) 
M       Metatarsal Protection
ESD   Electro Static Discharge Protection BS EN IEC 61340-4-3:2018

ESD compliant footwear is used to prevent damage to electronic components via an electrostatic discharge.

ASTM F2413-18

ATSM International formerly known as American Society for Testing & Materials.  ASTM F2413-18 is the standard specification for performance requirements for protective (safety) toe cap footwear.

Standard marking code:

ASTM F2413-18 / M (Gender) / I (impact Resistant / C (Compression Resistant / SD (Static Dissipative) / PR (Puncture Resistant)